Fall Height Chart

GroundRubber has the unique ability to reduce injuries due to falls from a critical height of over 12 feet!  You can actually take an egg and drop it from a height of 12 feet and watch it bounce.

Based on tests using a number of playground surface materials, the chart below shows that Recycled Rubber exceeds the safety standards of the other materials by a wide margin.  Having GroundRubber underneath a play structure will help prevent both the number and severity of children's playground injuries.

GroundRubber is non-toxic (and in the case of colored surfacing chips, only non-toxic paints are used).  The chips do not have any taste appeal.  If a piece were ingested by a pet or child, test reports show that the chip will simply pass through the digestive tract(Maryland Environmental Services, 1994).

Rubber Nugget Fall Chart

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This chart represents comparison findings of materials - including recycled rubber safety surface material identical to GroundRubber, produced with identical equipment and processes, by WCRR - tested by United States Testing Company, Inc. and the Consumer Products Safety Commission, using 6-inch depths of each material.

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