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West Coast Rubber Recycling (WCRR) & GroundRubber Solutions

West Coast Rubber Recycling (WCRR) is one of the largest permitted scrap tire collectors, processors and tire derived product (TDP) manufacturers in California.  In 1999, West Coast Rubber Recycling began collecting and processing all sizes of scrap tires with the objective of "saving the planet one tire at a time."  Using state of the art tire shredding equipment, West Coast Rubber Recycling recovers recyclable rubber, steel and fiber materials.  WCRR pulls bead wire and removes other tire wire and sends it to metal recycling facilities.  The company has invested countless hours into research and development to create its modern and effective tire recycling methods, formulate fresh applications for its high quality recycled rubber and build market acceptance of recycled rubber products.  WCRR manufactures its GroundRubber products using 100% California scrap tires and markets the products through its subsidiary, GroundRubber Solutions.

"Saving the planet one tire at a time"

West Coast Rubber Recycling and Ground Rubber Solutions, process over a million tires a year.  The companies constantly strive for a cleaner world by investing in environmentally friendly production methods and other green technologies.  West Coast Rubber Recycling and GroundRubber Solutions continue to divert millions of tires from landfills and turn those tires into viable, earth friendly, recycled products providing California’s scrap tire generators a sustainable waste management option for their tires.

At our state of the art, California licensed and bonded facility, we process scrap tires collected from throughout California and convert them into products that are used to rebuild roads and highways, provide playground safety padding, beautify landscapes and even generate much needed energy.  With each new product created, we decrease tire disposal in landfills and reduce the need for other non-renewable products.  West Coast Rubber Recycling and Ground Rubber Solutions are simply "saving the planet one tire at a time!"

WCRR is permitted to properly handle your scrap tire needs using California Waste Tire Haulers permit number CIWMB #1004937-02.  The tires we collect are examined and sorted for recycling at our facility in the City of Hollister in San Benito County, California. Our tire recycling and product manufacturing operations are housed in a 16,000 sq. ft. production plant outfitted with up-to-date size reduction machinery, safety and quality control systems.

WCRR continues to research new and effective approaches for managing and recycling scrap tires while consistently designing new uses and acquiring path breaking markets for high quality recycled rubber.


On October 1, 1999, Gary's Tire Disposal started collecting tires from tire dealers throughout the Greater Bay Area.  In August of 2001, the company changed its name to West Coast Rubber Recycling (WCRR) and expanded its tire collection and sales territory.  WCRR remanufactures scrap tires into the following markets:

  • Playground Surfacing
  • Outdoor Surfaces
  • Landscape Rubber Mulch
  • Civil Engineering Projects
  • Sport Surfacing
  • Animal Care Equestrian
  • Traffic Control
  • Roads and Repair
  • Molded Rubber Products

In 2010, West Coast Rubber Recycling (WCRR) formed a new subsidiary company GroundRubber Solutions broadening its operational and market reach.  Under GroundRubber Solutions production has increased, more recycled rubber products have entered the marketplace and a growing presence on the web is taking WCRR’s and GroundRubber Solutions products and services to more customers in California, the nation and beyond.

Milestones include:
  • Gary Kerr founded West Coast Rubber Recycling (WCRR) on October 1, 1999.  Initially, WCRR collected scrap tires from various locations and processed them solely by removing the sidewalls and selling them for silage.  With two employees, WCRR processed only 150-200 tires per day.
  • In February 2001, the plant began producing crumb rubber, which grew the business from two to five employees.
  • Cameron Wright joined the enterprise in August 2001 and shortly thereafter the company incorporated.
  • In 2001, WCRR added a grinding location at a local landfill site that creates a civil engineering grade rubber used to build a huge berms (100-foot-high by eighth-of-a-mile-long), which holds refuse in place.
  • In 2003, WCRR was awarded a commercialization grant by the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) now named CalRecycle, to manufacture additional feedstock material to sell to end users.
  • In June 2004, WCRR received the notice to proceed with another CIWMB grant that automated the production line to increase production capacity by approximately 40%.
  • In May of 2005, WCRR received notice to proceed with another CIWMB grant with objective of increasing the daily output by 3-4 times the normal output.
  • In 2007, WCRR relocated to a 16,000 SF facility to accommodate growing product demand.
  • In 2010, WCRR began operating in conjunction with GroundRubber Solutions.
  • In the fall of 2010, Gary Kerr, partner, passed away.
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