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GroundRubber Play

West Coast Rubber Recycling manufactures GroundRubber Play, a nugget-size loosefill rubber playground surfacing made from 100 % California-generated scrap tires.  Our GroundRubber Play surfaces meet CPSC Surface Guidelines, as well as ASTM Guidelines F-1292-99, and F-1951-99 making GroundRubber Play’s one of the safest play surfaces.  At a depth of 6 inches GroundRubber provides the most shock absorption in playgrounds available on the market today.  With GroundRubberPlay installed, playgrounds are twice as safe as those with tanbark, sand, pebbles and most other surfaces.  GroundRubber Play also has excellent drainage reducing muddy areas and allowing play areas to dry quickly. See product details.

GroundRubber Play may cost a little more than other surfaces initially, however, it only needs to be installed once making it a cost-effective alternative to wood, sand or other conventional play surfaces.  GroundRubber Play nuggets provide uniform coverage, stay in place and because the recycled tire rubber nuggets don’t rot or decompose, no annual replenishment is needed.  When you compare this to wood playground mulches that need replenishing once or twice a year, the cost savings in labor and material quickly add up.  GroundRubber Play doesn’t splinter, doesn’t mold, mildew or attract insects.  Children love its bounce and springiness.  Parents love its safety and fall height ratings!  GroundRubber Play has the unique ability to reduce injuries due to falls from a critical height of over 12 feet!  You can actually take an egg and drop it from a height of 12 feet and watch it bounce.

GroundRubber is non-toxic and can be painted with children-safe colors in seven standard colors or custom-colored to match your team or school colors.  The chips do not have any taste appeal.  If a piece is ingested by a pet or child, test reports show that the chips will simply pass through the digestive tract.  (Maryland Environmental Services, 1994)

GroundRubber Slide Mat

GroundRubber Molded™ Slide Mats are designed to be at the bottom of playground slide exits or under swing sets.  These 3" thick tiles are made from GroundRubber recycled tire crumb rubber and are safety tested in accordance with ASTM standards to a fall height of 3'.  GroundRubber Molded Slide Mats provide a slip-resistant safety surface and stay in place when landed on.  Our mats come in variety of colors and easy to install and maintain.  GroundRubber Molded Slide mats assure children land safely and softly when they exit slides or swings.  GroundRubber Slide Mats can be used with jungle gyms, climbing walls, monkey bars rope bridges, ladders and other play structures. See product details.

  • Impact absorbing
  • Meet industry safety guidelines
  • Easy to install
  • Non-toxic
  • Long lasting
  • Reduces injuries from falls
  • Doesn’t rot or fade
  • School Playgrounds
  • Daycare Centers and Preschools
  • Residential Play Areas
  • City, State, Federal Parks

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