Parks and Recreation

GroundRubber Landscape Mulch

GroundRubber Mulch, GroundRubber Nuggets and GroundRubber Infill are three terrific recycled products made 100% from recycled truck tires that can be found in a growing number of park and recreation settings.  Park designers, field owners and recreation maintenance supervisors are choosing these versatile products for the advantages they offer over conventional alternatives like wood, sand, gravel and grass.  GroundRubber Landscape Mulch is long lasting and will not require an annual replenishment.  It is easy to install, controls weed growth and provides uniform coverage eliminating bare spots and muddy areas.  GroundRubber Mulch imparts long-lasting beauty in park gardens, around fountains and gazebos, in high traffic pedestrian or play areas and along walkway borders and recreation center entrances.  It can be used around trees, in planter boxes, in potted plants, along pathways or anywhere you would like an attractive long lasting alternative to bark. : See product details.

GroundRubber Play

GroundRubber Play nuggets provide the safest playground surface for our children while preserving the environment.  GroundRubber Play nugges are made of 100% Califronia recycled tire rubber and their use conserves natural resources.  The nuggets provide a long lasting, softer alternative to wood and sand. Municipalities, school districts, residential home owners and commercial end users have opted to use GroundRubber Play nuggets to ensure economical, environmental and safer playground surface.  At a depth of 6 or 9 inches, GroundRubber meets industry fall height safety surface guidelines and provides one of the highest levels of shock absorption in playground surfacing available today.  With GroundRubber installed, playgrounds are twice as safe as those with tanbark, sand, pebbles and most other surfaces.  GroundRubber may cost a little more initially but it only needs to be installed once.  No annual upgrading or replacement is required.  See product details.

GroundRubber Crumb Infill

Our GroundRubber Crumb 10-16 is the perfect material for the use in synthetic turf sports fields, golf courses, park and recreation lawns, arena fields, outdoor dining areas and dog parks.  When used in the top synthetic grass layer of the turf, GroundRubber Crumb Infill remains resilient and adds to the synthetic turf’s excellent playability, all-weather availability and its ability to sustain increased playing hours and a longer playing season. GroundRubber Crumb does not compress or flatten out providing a longer lasting turf that requires less maintenance.  See product details.


GroundRubber Mulch

  • Does not rot or attract insects
  • Uniform coverage
  • Reduces weed growth
  • Helps control erosion and rutting
  • Drains well

GroundRubber Play

  • Softer alternative to wood, sand
  • Shock absorbing
  • Long lasting
  • Reduces dirt and mud
  • Non-toxic and odorless

GroundRubber Crumb Infill

  • Eliminates pesticides, fertilizers and mowing
  • Extends field playing hours and season
  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent playability
  • Impact absorbing
  • Playgrounds, jungle gyms
  • Fitness stations
  • Outdoor picnic areas
  • Obstacle courses
  • Putting greens
  • Athletic fields
  • Walkway edges and borders
  • Planting beds
  • Dog parks
  • Golf courses
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission Surface Guideline
  • ASTM Guidelines F-1292-99 and F-1951-99
Preparation, Installation & Maintenance

Installation: We recommend laying down a landscape felt first and spreading the mulch on top at the required depth.

Maintenance: If leaves or debris gather, simply use a leaf blower on a low setting to remove.

Calculate How Much Rubber Mulch Is Needed

Use our convenient calculator to calculate how much rubber mulch you will need for jobsite. You can access it by clicking this link.

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