GroundRubber Solutions does tire pick-ups, recycles tires and develops and sells custom recycled rubber products.  Our sister company, West Coast Rubber Recycling collects and processes millions of tires annually.  Together, GroundRubber Solutions and West Coast Rubber Recycling are saving the planet one tire at a time.
Tire Recycling Done Right

California has a very aggressive tire recycling strategy.  In 2009, the State of California reported that 44 million scrap tires were generated and 74% of those tires were recycled.  West Coast Rubber Recycling (WCRR) partners with tire stores and other generators to fulfill California’s tire waste management and recycling needs.  West Coast Rubber Recycling (WCRR) works tirelessly to reduce the flow of used tires into the California waste stream.  WCRR reaches out to schools, park and recreation centers, arenas, civil engineers and municipalities to introduce them to green options for playground, landscapes, trails, athletic fields and municipal projects to name a few.  We collaborate with other product manufacturers to use our Tire Derived Material (TDM) in playground safety mats and surfaces, commercial and residential landscapes and many other applications.  GroundRubber Solutions is a tire recycler that allows nothing to go to waste.

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Used Tire Pick-up

If your business is located in Northern California, call us at 831.634.2800 to recycle your tires.  Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can schedule a pick-up, supply you with an on-site trailer for easy storage and arrange for removal of the trailer once it is full.  Simply call us to schedule a pick up and leave the rest to us!  Our recycling center is full service: we do the paperwork and properly recycle all tires for you!  If you have any questions, call us at 831.634.2800.  We’re ready to accommodate your tire recycling needs.

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Recycled Rubber Products

GroundRubber Solutions creates useful landscape products, playground surfacing and sport safety flooring from recycled scrap tires.  We sell a variety of recycled rubber products including Crumb Rubber, Tire Buffings, Rubber In-fill, Playground Rubber Mulch, Landscape Rubber Mulch, Horse Arena Footing Material, Hand-to-Hand Combat Mixed Rubber Nuggets, Rubber Tiles, Rubber Mats, Rubber Chips for Civil Engineering Projects and Tire Derived Fuel.

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